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Need Volunteers

A mission group needs volunteers, particularly medical and dental professions. Portland Adventist Academy in March and A medical/dental/education/evangelistic outreach in Savusavu in July.

View Our Calendar

Go to our calendar link to see upcoming mission trips, which still have some openings. We also need a volunteer teacher for one year at Nagigi Elementary School, which is about 20km from Savusavu Fiji.

Mission Groups

We are looking for two mission groups to put in cement side walks at VuniKura and Loa Village in Buca Bay. This is far more important that it appears. In these coast villages, their older septic tanks can overflow in heavy rain or high tides. The result is people could be walking on contaminated grass. Of course, our other projects there is to put in new septic tanks in better locations.

Our Project Manager

Roger Lutz, the Project Manager for the DMF has again secured a letter of support from the Fiji, Northern Health Services, confirming their desire that we provide medical and dental services to the schools and remote villages of Northern Fiji, which includes two of the second largest islands and Rabi Island, which was particularly hard hit my the cyclone of 2010. This letter is critical because it assures us of complete government support which greatly increases our outreach into the Fijian communities.

Rabi Island Mission

Mission group returns from three week trip to Rabi Island where they tested and inoculated 2545 people for tuberculosis and typhoid. They also ran medical and dental clinics. This is in conjunction with stage III of our cyclone relief project.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is working with the DMF to provide slow sand water filtration systems. In August they put in a slow sand filter system at Banaban Elementary School.

Cyclone Update

See our new picture lower left of gardening tools, starter roots and seeds delivered to Loa Village. Like deliveries were made to Rabi Island.

We completed food deliveries and purchased gardening tools, seeds and starter roots. With so many disasters around the world it is difficult to know who to give to…we are a small foundation so our donations go much further. Helping people to grow food costs a lot less that trying to feed them.

Regarding the picture of the Methodist Church, note that most of the roof has been ripped away. This is exactly the same damage that has happened to so many homes, however they didn’t have cement walls so their houses got leveled. We were very blessed that the SDA church built by the DMF and the SDA church built by a Canadian mission group three years ago, were both barely damaged, thank you Lord.

Successful Mission

Our Project Manger, Roger Lutz, just returned from a very successful mission trip to Vietnam. For Roger it was the mission trip of a life time as he was a medic who served extensively throughout that war ravaged country during the Vietnam Conflict.