We encourage our supports (supporters) to target their donations to specific projects. We are eager to develop our 100 acre property. Currently we have a cinder block generator/storage facility and a 40 person dormitory with shower/toilet complex (yes, we have hot showers!). We critically need more housing and Steve has a particular interest in building a couple of tree houses. We have the perfect hardwood trees for a Swiss Family Robinson type of youth camp. Think three trees on a ridge line with modest tree houses linked with rope and wood walkways. The tree houses can be built for the same price as a house on the ground, but the tree houses will really inspire youths and adults alike. Steve wants to make documentaires on mission work with the tree houses helping to capture the attention of viewers towards doing mission work.

We need to build several smaller houses for groups of 8 to 12. We own two valleys, in the smaller one we would like to build a vocational facility (machine and wood shop) for the students next door at Vatuvonu School. With time we need to add a cafeteria.

Our Clean Water Project is hugely successful and if you will excuse the pun, a big drain on our limited resources. During times of heavy rain or cyclones, the villages and streams are flooded, which spreads disease from contaminated water. Particularly their poorly designed septic tanks over flow into the villages. We install proper tanks in locations that are not subject to flooding. We lay PVC pipe to bring cleaner water from mountain streams to the villages where it is filtered through a series of slow-sand water filtration systems. These systems do not require chemicals or additional filters. We have clean water inspection/maintenance teams that ensure the systems continue to operate properly. We are doing this project in close cooperation with the Fiji Government. We also lay concrete sidewalks in areas of the villages subject to flooding. Without them families are forced to walk through contaminate water. (see picture)

The Fiji Ministry of Health has designated the DMF as the main medical and dental providers for all the schools of Northern Fiji (five islands and over 135,000 people. We also do health education and hygiene (particularly clean water). This government mandate includes hundreds of rural villages. Fielding mobile clinics, tracking the data for the government and doing follow up treatments has given the DMF the opportunity to make a huge difference for thousands of Fijians. To date we have treated over 30,000 patients for free. It truly is amazing that a Christian non-profit organization has such a close working relationship with a government. The DMF has been designated as an Authorized Fiji Non-Profit Organization.

Your tax-deductible donations can be directed to: Dream Machine Foundation, PO Box 3234, Paradise, CA 95967. To donate equipment, materials, and supplies please call us for appropriate routing.

Our current main efforts are:

  • Build slow sand fresh water filtration systems for remote villages and schools . . . this prevents disease and saves lives.
  • Install septic systems and cement walkways in villages and schools. This is particularly a critical need as the older types and poor location of their current septic tanks tend to overflow where people walk which spreads disease.
  • On the DMF property we need to build a work shop, cafeteria and housing.
  • The purchase and maintenance of portable dental units and medical equipment is always a challenge.