The Dream Machine Foundation is a non-profit interdenominational Christian organization seeking to promote aid to the world’s children through medical, dental and educational opportunities. We are dedicated to helping to improve the quality of life for children and families in underdeveloped nations. The Foundation also works to encourage North American youths to pursue their childhood dreams through positive lifestyle choices. Simply put, the Dream Machine Foundation takes hopeful dreams and turns them into working projects. We believe that by assisting North American youths to aid young people in less fortunate countries, we will have positive life-changing forces on all people involved.

Project Fiji is the first main thrust of our endeavors. In February 1998 we began work to rebuild a Christian school in Fiji that was deeply in debt and on the verge of closing. Established in 1932, Vatuvonu school is situated on two hundred-acres in the middle of a rain forest beside a beautiful ocean bay. Located on the eastern end of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island. We are also assisting Nagigi School, which currently has over 160 students.

Using volunteer missionaries and local Fijians as a dedicated workforce, the Dream Machine Foundation is building a mission facility, which will also be a youth camp on our 100 acre property adjacent to Vatuvonu School. North American youths are being challenged at very young ages with serious adult decisions about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence, and crime. The Dream Machine Foundation will provide an opportunity for these youths to get refocused on positive values by providing a means for them to help others.

The mission facility we are building will be the headquarters for our mobile medical and dental clinics. To date we have treated approximately 25,000 patients for free, saved well over 100 lives and we have flown six Fijians to the United States for life and limb saving operations. The mobile clinics provide services in remote villages and schools many of which have never been visited by a doctor or dentist.

Stephen Arrington