Stephen Arrington, sharing “Hope That Never Surrenders,” at Granite Bay SDA Church.

Hope that never Surrenders with Stephen Arrington

Hope that never Surrenders with Stephen Arrington

Posted by Granite Bay SDA Church on Saturday, May 26, 2018


Dream Machine Foundation is changing lives and SAVING them in Fiji.

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Cyclone Winston: Six Dead After Record Cyclone Winston:

Most of Fiji is without electricity in the wake of a ferocious cyclone that left at least six people dead. Winds from Cyclone Winston, which tore through the Pacific Island chain over the weekend, reached 180 mph winds, making it the strongest storm in the Southern Hemisphere since record-keeping began.

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Stephen Arrington Speaks

If you would like Stephen Arrington to speak at your church, academy or college call or email him steve@drugsbite.com.

His is a faith ministry so he will work with you to keep your costs minimal. For churches he would do the church service and a Saturday night vesper program; if it is only at the vesper program that he would ask to take a love offering for our mission work in Fiji.

For academies and colleges he is available for chapels.

Steve’s Speaking Schedule:

  • Vienna SDA Church, VA – Mar 12 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM
  • Onley SDA Church, MD – Mar 18 at 7:00 PM (Friday) – Mar 19 at 11:00 AM and 7 PM

Dear Friends of the Dream Machine Foundation:

We have never dreamed of this day to come, where everything would just be so easy for us and we are really blessed and thankful to this gang for taking their time out to come and help us.

These were the words of 53 year old Malolo native,Turaga ni Koro, Jone Kadivuka after being offered free dental and clean water.

“For the clean water, it’s just amazing, we never thought that there was anything of that sort exists and it’s really easy,” 67-year-old villager, Jeremaia Nasilsila said. “The villagers were only resorting to rain water after cyclone Evan had hit, till we got here to set it up.”

“Malolo is the first Island in Fiji we’re settling it up on, we just started on Monday when we arrived here,” he said.

The villagers were also taught on how to operate it, and they are now using it.

Roger Lutz, Project Manager for the DMF, just returned from a very sucessful trip to Fiji where the new clinic, operated by the Fiji Dental and Medical Foundation, was just opened.  This is the third clinic in Fiji that the DMF has helped other foundations to build and operate.  Two dentist, four physicians and support staff treated over 1379 patients and performed 1962 procedures all for free.  What a wonderful blessings for the people of this island chain.  Read More:


The huge cyclone that hit Fiji in December caused storm damage to crops and gardens, but we survived it quite well. We are particularly pleased that our Clean Water Project, managed by Roger Lutz, was extremely important to the villages and schools. During a cyclone the rivers and streams become contaminated with animal waste and in the villages the septic tanks overflow. Our efforts at providing clean water significantly reduced health issues in the Buca Bay area and surrounding communities. Your donations will help us to extend these services to other villages and schools. Currently we have installed 16 slow sand water filtration systems and we work with Engineers Without Borders to put in septic tanks.

How Project Fiji began

The morning song of an exotic bird stirs me gently from my sleep. The melody drifts through an open window on the back of a warm tropical breeze. It is still dark outside here in the South Pacific as I listen to the drumming sound of an approaching rain squall. The cascading water marches in rapidly from the ocean, hammers across the tin roof, then it tramps up the mountainside leaving a moist freshness in its wake.

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